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Review of bathroom scales with bluetooth to smart phone.

This Is

by Julian Stacey

2019-02-08 I looked at the leaflet for Beurer - BF 850 bathroom scales

Top page flickering junk, bad start!

Leaflet lists questions eg birth date i would not answer except by lieing to avoid identity theft risk, when I'd then need to note fake data into a seperate locked data file; I'm not interested in wasting time doing that.

The app install wants loads of access to my data I refuse to give, eg contacts photo gallery sms & many others. It will know far too much, even if you lie about birth date, unless one uses a spare empty android with no personal data on; That's tricky as even many near empty androids are registered to google play store which has ID / email linked to other androids by same owner. Open Sesame! Google is an advertising agency, their search engine also a lure, bait on a hook.

Its possible to set up scales without an app by long sequence of of push buttons but, no interest in answering still intrusive questions less efficiently.

Birth dates are not necessary, age in years at current date of input is sufficient, then person #1, #2 if needed to differentiate 2 in house of about same age. The actual birth dates just means a bit less programming work for lazy manufacturer, & more data theft risk for user.

Don't like data theft vulnerable apps, too dangerous to let them access personal data. Need to find time to root mobile phones, then turn off access permissions on too many other data theft vulnerable apps.

Conclusion: Space wasting toy, with more data theft risk. Mechanical scales do fine, Weigh a person &/or 23Kg flight case, & can't fail on a flat battery. Do I want to check if scales wont decide suitcase is dead & refuse to weigh, or bring up menus I dont have time for or might change later (ot triggered by elapsed time it always requires be set), when I want to rush to airport ? No !

Modern Marketing: Customer buys a device in box in a shop, money taken, commited to use it now ;-) Get's home, Batteries in, Device prompts: Load App, Free it says, Don't think, Install: Welcome sucker. Another glass citizen, just paid for his/her data to be sucked & sold by corporations. Can't even trust modern TVs & childrens dolls not to spy on you now. No not all, just some have been exposed as modified reporting back on you to manufacturers half a world away.

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