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Con Man Fakes A Loan Shark

Tracing A `Wonga' Spam - Discovered a Con Man faking as a loan shark to collect call charges.

  • Spam Masqueraded As From Wonga Jan 2014. Spam had .uk. in domain, (but not as TLD (top level domain) - the senders were using a TLD of .pn for Pitcairn Islands. to hide behind
    & had a +27 (South African) phone number (not that unusual, for decades some firms have used SA firms to supply English language markets.)
  • Reply To Spammer to get traceable evidence): "I don't have an ID card, ... Can I still apply for a loan without an ID card ?"
  • Reply From `Wonga' Enclosed application form, footnote was the only sign of Wonga Finance SA (Pty) & not UK. They gave no UK or SA address. Was this spamming from/ for SA or UK ?


Con Man

Spam Tracing

The mass spam was sent from Lisbon, Portugal (under domain name from Pitcairn Islands).
The spammer then individualy replied using a account.

The criminal's providers were contacted: 4.txt, 5.txt, 6.txt

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