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From Wed Jul 24 16:40:07 2013
To: Open discussions about SFD <>
From: "Julian H. Stacey" <>
Subject: Re: [SFD-discuss] SFD countdown shifts 1 day?
List-Archive: <>

> Hi!
> When I look at main page I see 58 
> days but when I use one of the countdown banners from 
> then I see 59 days. I 
> counted from calendar and 58 is correct - 59th day is already 21th 
> September - the event itself.
> Can it <> be fixed?

In general, for countdowns, every time discussions like this come up,
I wonder if :
    - Code authors have taken input of TZ from browser enquiry
      eg TZ="Europe/Berlin" in my case.
    - If enquiring humans also have considered TZ,
As shown by
As that browser enquiry will typically be addressed to a server
somewhere else on planet earth that may be timezones ahead or behind,
& at some times of day, will be a day ahead or behind, over the
date line, depending :-)  Try my

So unless an enquirer includes his/her date, time, & timezone of
enquiry, & unless enquirer also uses nslookup to trace target www
& look at source cgi-bin (which may be running on another host in
another zone anyway ) ... unless all of that I dont bother to look
further, so if you do a detailed analysis, I guess Fred
can then look at it, If there is an error :-)

- -- 
Julian H. Stacey, BSD Unix Linux C Sys Eng Consultant, Munich
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